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Screening Methods

*Please read screening instructions carefully below, I will not respond to inquiries without complete screening information.*

1) If you are a seasoned member of P411 message me directly from that site.  OR  

2) Provide two recent providers you have seen to request references. I need the links to their ads/online profile which has their contact email posted on the page and they must be recently/actively posting  OR  

3) A pic of a government issued ID, such as Drivers license or first page of passport and a link to your Linkedin profile which can be directly emailed to me at



Please contact me by filling out the following info.

Please be kind and respectful when in contact with me. If you are rude by phone, email or in person I will end our communication. Rude and vulgar behavior will not be tolerated. All new friends must be verified, no exceptions. I will never compromise my safety, or yours for any reason. Please have any considerations in a gift bag or an unsealed envelope in the open when we meet. If you decide to extend your time with me and my schedule allows it, please quickly take care of it in a discreet manner. This way we can move on to enjoying our time together, without spoiling the mood. Waiting to see if I ask will only make me feel uncomfortable... Please respect my time and I will do the same for you. If for some reason you are delayed or simply running behind, please contact me and let me know. I will also grant you the same courtesy. Please do not discuss services for money or negotiate/barter with me.


***Consideration is for my time and compainonship ONLY. Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for or compensated for in any matter. ***